What's in a name?

What's in a name?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Readers respond:

Although, they are all asking to remain unidentified.  Here is one response I received from my blog posting this morning.  I thank those that have written and have offered your thanks for what I am doing and your additions to what you see that is wrong too.

It's good to see that someone is publicly calling attention to this particular department within the DC Government.  It's not the only DC Government department that abuses our citizens and fails to follow the regulations regarding providing services to people in need of assistance.  The Department of Human Services, particularly the Income Maintenance section, consistently fails to follow regulations and appears to allow people with little authority to make arbitrary decisions in qualifying people for benefits (medical assistance, food stamps, etc.).  This places unnecessary burdens upon clients and advocates to get things straightened out.  Why is it that people who don't work in DC Government agencies know more about the rules and regulations than the ones who are employed in those agencies?  We taxpayers are being cheated.
A couple of months ago I submitted a question to Income Maintenance asking how they weed out nonresidents who are illegally receiving social services from the District.  I had read long ago that they would be checking data bases in an effort to weed out nonresidents.  The response I received was that they don't cross check databases and that, when clients are up for recertification requiring face-to-face interviews, that's when the workers ask them where they live.  So, there are going to be budget cuts in social programs for DC residents at a time when nonresidents are receiving benefits from the District!?

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