What's in a name?

What's in a name?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mayor Gray's back ground for which he so proudly campaigned is running low on keeping promises

Mayor Gray ran a campaign on his background and his accomplishments including working with those in need and in need of services.  Clearly he has abandoned his past for a new less involved and far less caring Administration that is really turning our needed out into the streets.   The District Department of Disability Services is failing our disabled population by failing to offer services and assistance in several areas.  One being supported employment,  and training.  This is a complete reversal to what Vince Gray ran on.  Now that he is elected,  he has thus far kept Laura Nuss,  the inept director of the Disability Services Administration and  Roy Abert, which is the top person at the Rehabilitation Services Administration.  Roy Albert and Laura Nuss are like two thieves in the night.  They are both under performing and working with an inadequate background and the knowledge to perform their jobs.  Sadly,  those losing now are the disabled which need Supported Employment and other educational opportunities to help them enrich their lives.  Vince Gray should take a hard look at just his administration has not kept their word on how best to help these residents.  It is a shame that we voted for what appeared to be a kind caring man with deep roots in the community and that he has turned out to be calloused and removed from caring what becomes of these individuals.

  It is clear that Gray has become the Mayor without a cause!  

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