What's in a name?

What's in a name?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

District cutting services.........

Don't believe what the Gray Administration is saying about cutting services.  There are people basically being told that your services are being cut due to cuts from the Administration.  There are special needs in this city, unlike any other city and Gray and his comrades are taking extraordinary measures to cut services to some of our most needy.

The District Department of Disability Services is no different.  Those with life altering disability's are having their services cut and they are not being told the truth.

Things are serious,  when a newly elected Mayor and his Agency Directors can do this.  We need leadership not fools running around with erasers!

Gray is letting us all down and for those of us that literally walked the streets with him and listened to his meaningless promises we have been taken!

I include myself in this group!  Sadly,  it is true as we were promised so much and clearly far less is being delivered.  There is no budget deficit,  there is vast over spending from the last administration and now the effects are filtering down. Where was council oversight when Gray was Chairman?

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