What's in a name?

What's in a name?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Department of Disability Services amasses mistakes with our most needy

The District of Columbia Department of Disability Services under the Direction of Laura Nuss is amassing mistake after mistake in how they are caring for our disabled residents. With budget cuts looming this agency under Ms. Nuss, is creating very costly mistakes for which the District is likely to be drawn into lengthly legal battles. Ms. Nuss and others are cutting services to some based on underrepresentation of the facts and in a way that is or should be illegal.  Ms. Nuss is going to extreme's in cutting funding for some individuals while all the while her department under her has over spend on services by agencies that are less than qualified for the services they were hired to perform.  Some as it is being reported don't even have a license to do what the District is hiring and paying them to do.  
Laura Nuss as you can see,  clearly no beauty queen with her smirk and unkempt hair style and her clothing looking like she stepped out of the 70's instead of being representative of a Department Director for the National's capital city major department serving 100's of our most needy residents.  Ms Nuss is clearly in way over her head and should be terminated immediately.  
She is both overly eager to be rude and punitive in her demeanor,  and  is using every angle she can to continue her less than acceptable management of this department and the services for our disabled residents.
 As residents we need to demand better management of our agencies and better accountability for those that are so over paid for their experiences and their abilities.

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