What's in a name?

What's in a name?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

DDS leadership lacking skills to deliver services to everyone that deserves them

The Director of DDS, Laura Nuss, is lacking the necessary skills to lead an agency charged with providing services to those residents that are disabled.   Improving employment outcomes  for people with disabilities is beyond the scope of understanding for her harsh approach to management.  The agency is failing and I want answers as to what the Gray administration plans to do to create the proper changes necessary.

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  1. Last ditch efforts to be heard by the Mayor directly on this issue today seems to be failing. Additionally no one from his senior staff will even listen. This says a lot considering the Department of Disability Services as a record of not thoroughly knowing where they should stand on some of the issues. They have been both irresponsible and incorrect on issues in the past and I have had to meeting personally with Laura Nuss to resolve one particular problem. The Gray administration standing behind her and refusing to make time to meet me and to hear me out says only one thing. Gray is a part of t his failure and doesn't have the care and concern he so strongly publicized during the campaign. I am not pleased with his Senior staff and am quickly realizing that my support early on for him might well have been a mistake.