What's in a name?

What's in a name?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Update: Family information and what you can do!

Thank you to everyone that has shown some interest in helping our neighbors.
Here is what I have learned:

I have met with two of the families.  Both families were very gracious for the communities efforts and may come this afternoon to the fire station.

Mr. and Mrs. Meadows,  adult male and female.
He looks to be about 5'8 165 lbs.  probably wears a size Medium in a shirt, and 32-34 waist.  Appears to be early-mid 60's.
Mrs. Meadows, appears to be a medium in ladies sizes.  And about the same age.

Ms. Campos and her son we met as well.
Ms. Campos looks as if she would wear a size large perhaps,  About 5'6.
Her son looks much older than he is,  wears a size x-large in mens clothings.  He is 38 in the waist I believe he told us.

The two families and the two that I have not met yet,  basically have little of nothing currently.  It was a total loss.
Clothing items, personal items, anything that they can begin to put in a rental house to start to have a home again I am certain will be greatly appreciated.

Final directions to Engine 24 should include a turn onto Gallatin Street, NW and on the side of the fire house is a set of double doors.  Items can be brought there,  larger items will be placed in a rear building where fire trucks are also stored. The station is most accommodating and will be there to help out.

Additionally,  if anyone would like to volunteer we can always use community members that are generous with their time to show up and help with directions, unloading cars,  and pitching in with what ever may be needed.

Best -Keith Jarrell 

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