What's in a name?

What's in a name?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another stolen Auto while your neighbor was getting gas at a local gas station.

Stolen Auto in and around the council members own home and she is totally silent on the subject of her constituents safety. With yet another armed robber reported at a gas station near Councilmember Bowers own residence this week and there has been no comment or assistance offered from her on this important public safety issue. There have been at least three (3) members of the community at a local gas station filling up their tanks when they have had their cars stolen. Right in the Councilmembers' neighborhood. Yet Councilmember Bowser or her staff have not even mentioned the problem publicly. This further proves her lack emphatic feeling for residents in Ward 4 including those that live nearest to her own home. Public safety is an issue and like many of things in Ward 4 it continues to be over looked, or ignored. Our elected officials are too busy supporting members of the council engaged in embezzlement and dishonesty to be bothered in the daily details of knowing what is occurring in and around the ward in which they are elected to serve. Ward 4 voters need to realize that this is not the representation they deserve.

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