What's in a name?

What's in a name?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mayor Gray from you One City web site:”The citizens of the District of Columbia have been heard and we’ve elected a Mayor that will restore integrity and leadership, and is truly committed to Building One City
From a quote the Washington Examiner: “Many of us have operated under the false assumption that a rising tide there would lift all boats," Gray said. He added that "during my tenure as mayor, I will not forget the fact that some boats are still tethered to the harbor." Vince Gray.

Today Mayor Gray I bring you bad news.  That bad news is the fact that under your leadership the Department of Disability Services has cut the services for a young man with a brain injury.  They did this at a time that his integration back into community is crucial.  They did this at a time that it is unthinkable in any state in our country for such deeds to be done, yet after all your promises and all we have heard your hold over Director, Laura Nuss has successfully done this.
So where is the empathy?  Where is the conscience of Laura Nuss and your senior staff when I asked them to meet with me personally about this?
Why Mayor Gray do we have such outrageous acts of inconsideration for our most needed residents?
I walked the street with Vince Gray this past summer to help get him elected.  We had two short conversations about our disabled, and it now appears that none of what then Chairman Gray said really matters now.
How can we even approach the seriousness of the budge if your Directors are making cuts such as this one,  and your senior staff won’t even approach meeting with members of the community to discuss these horrific acts?

What can we expect a fair and reasonable resolve and when can I expect a conversation with your senior staff to assure that they are fully engaged in the details?

Keith Jarrell

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