What's in a name?

What's in a name?

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Let's begin to communicate and share our thoughts on the elected representation for WARD 4.  Let's talk about our concerns,  our needs,  and how best to approach the future in getting them addressed,  and our needs met.
Let's begin to converse about who we can support that will carry our needs to the very core of what they build their efforts on.  Let's talk about electing someone that will sit down with us and better understand what we are interested in.  How we want our Ward moved forward and what we expect from our elected representative.

This blog is about communication.  It is about sharing ideas,  ideology.   It is about talking about what is wrong and bringing a solution to what is needed to correct the wrong.   It is about a carefully charted approach to bring more into the mix and into the discussion of how we see the ward,  and the leadership we elect.

I launch this blog so we can begin the process of talking through the problems, by first identifying them,  and working together to forge a solution.

I invite all to reply and offer their thoughts.  Some of which I will agree with and those that I may not.
Together,  we can build a better place to live and work through the development of a platform that outlines our concerns.  Then we have to work together to attain the leadership that will then carry out the part of which falls onto those elected in how they represent us.

I look forward to your participation.

Keith Jarrell

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  1. We need effective leadership in Ward 4. We need political leadership that can stand up to the bullies in this city. Ward 4 has no one who can assertively, persistently, advocate on our behalf. We haven't had that since Fenty. Ward 4 is crying out for leadership that can take on the stronger more aggressive personalities in this city who are standing in the way of progress.